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Urgent Care

When should I use urgent care?

Priory Urgent Care Centre is to be used for urgent and necessary treatment that cannot wait for a routine GP appointment. If you do not think you need urgent treatment, please contact your usual surgery to book a regular appointment or call 111.


Who can use our urgent care service?

Everyone registered with Priory Medical Group. We are also able to offer appointments for temporary residents visiting York.


What do we see?

We see cases which require urgent primary care treatment. These include, but are not limited to:

  •  Minor Injuries: sprains, head injuries, burns/scalds, cuts, sudden back pain, foreign bodies, soft tissue injuries
  •  Minor Illness: infections (such as tonsillitis, chest infection, urinary tract or bladder infection). Many minor ailments can also be treated by your local pharmacist.
  •  Urgent Problems: such as mental health illness (depression, anxiety), emergency contraception, flare up of asthma, childhood illnesses, skin rashes.


What don’t we see?

Due to the urgent nature of the service we provide, we are unable to help with: long-term conditions that do not require immediate medical intervention, repeat prescriptions and doctor’s sick notes. If you require these services, please contact your usual surgery or call 111


I am not sure if my problem is urgent or not?

The Priory clinical team are able to offer telephone advice if you are unsure as to the urgency of your medical problem. Your local pharmacist may also be able to give advice.

The NHS111 service runs 24/7 and is able to give advice on a wide range of services, including access to emergency dental treatment and out of hours GP appointments.


Self Care
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